Sunday 20 September 2015

Klint da Drunk & Wife celebrate 8th wedding anniversary!

The comedian and wife Lilien are celebrating their 8th wedding anniversary today. They have been married since 2007 and have two boys.He wrote
klintdadrunk: "#togethersince2007�� @prettylilien, I thank God for a lovely, humble, beautiful and wonderful wife given to me on a platter of gold! You gave me the two most wonderful boys, Tobi(Denzel) and Afam(Andre). I'm most greatful. God bless you dear. You brought light into my dark and lonely life. I bless God for giving me you! I bless the day I found you. I love you! #anniversary #togethersince2007 #timedondeygo #ilovemyfamily #justthetwoofus" 
Beautiful family. Happy Anniversary to them!See another pic below

@prettylilien: "Life is better with your best friend..... So I married mine Thank you Lord for another blissful year. #TogetherForever"