Saturday 19 September 2015

Kris Jenner says she wants Kourtney and Scott to get back together

Kris Jenner has revealed Kourtney and Scottmay not be over just yet .She told Access Hollywood
 Scott is like my son,He came over yesterday. He was on his way over to see the kids. He's a great dad. They've got things to figure out.
When asked if Kourtney could forgive him for his past, Kris said that it was her daughter's decision.
"I don't tell her things like that,Because I don't think that's my place. But my kids were brought up to be very forgiving people. My wish is that, you know, they work it out and figure it out and we'll see what happens.He's a great dad and he loves the kids and he loves Kourtney... I love him."