Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Italian Millionaire Disagrees On The Use Of Ronaldo In A Movie About His Life

Cristiano Ronaldo will receive 20 million euros for not appearing in Martin Scorsese's new film The Manipulator.

The Real Madrid star had been set to make his Hollywood debut, but was dropped after Alessandro Proto, the man who the film is based on and who the Portuguese was due to play, vetoed his involvement.

In principle, the 30-year-old was expected to receive 10 million for being ditched at the last minute, but at the player's insistence, his lawyers have eventually doubled that figure.

Ronaldo's purchase of an apartment in New York last month was reportedly due to the fact he had landed this role.

"Ronaldo is a great player, but that doesn't mean he is the king of the world," Proto said.

"I don't want him in a film about my life. Martin Scorsese is in agreement with me. Cristiano Ronaldo is not going to be in the film.

"I am sorry if he doesn't feel valued, but in life you win some and you lose some. If I really have to give him 20 million euros, I will give it to him with my own hands."

Proto, an Italian millionaire, is reportedly the man who the books 50 Shades of Grey were based on.

Channing Tatum is now tipped to take on the lead role, with Alessandra Ambrosio playing the female lead.