Saturday 28 November 2015

Ik Ogbonna narrates how his wife and son were robbed in Lagos traffic(Photos)

Nollywood actor, Ik Ogbonna's wife, Sonia Morales was robbed last night with her son in the car.The attack happened around Mile 2 in traffic.Luckily they were unharmed.
#ALLWEWANTISSECURITY It's so sad how we sit down and watch these armed robbers attack and terrorize innocent people on daily basis .. My wife and son were attacked around mile 2 in traffic and the bastards dint care if a baby was in the car , smashing the screen all over my 5 months old son snatching a hand bag and phone (which in this case wasn't such a big deal)
but when this becomes a daily routine we really beginning to question our security.. Are we safe .. ?Tomorrow morning I am pretty sure I will wake up to another news of these bastards taking things from people in traffic . Please Lagos State, we love you so much we ,moved here to hustle , make a living and live in peace , happiness and security is something we have a fully right to demand for as citizens! This must stop!
My wife and son are safe that's my only joy right now. Jesus is Lord