Sunday 22 November 2015

Just Imagine How Whatsapp And Facebook Relationship Ended 11-Year-Old Marriage In Ekiti

The 11-year-old marriage between an Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State based businessman, Muyiwa Owolabi and his wife, Tinuola, has been nullified by a Customary Court sitting in the state capital following allegations that the woman was involved in adultery with men she met on the social media platform, Facebook.

According to a report in Vanguard, Owolabi had prayed the court to separate him from his wife because she was a serial adulteress who saw nothing wrong in sleeping around with men, something that caused turbulence in the marriage which produced two children.

He also accused Tinuola of using Facebook and WhatsApp to connect with different men with whom she had sexual affairs. To back up his accusation, Owolabi tendered computer generated evidences of her conversation with her lovers in court.

He showed the court text message communications she had with the men as well as printout of pictures of the men in question.
But his wife vehemently denied having any love relationships with the men, telling the court that her husband was in the habit of beating her up at the slightest provocation and starving her anytime he was angry.

She also urged the court to dissolve the union as she was also fed up.

In delivering his judgment, the president of the court, Joseph Ogunsemi , held that it was clear from the available evidence before the jury that both parties are living apart, and that the union has broken down irretrievably.

He duly nullified the marriage and granted custody of the two kids to Owolabi.