Thursday, 19 November 2015

Kylie Jenner refuses to let Kim, Kanye & North stay at her house

Kylie Jenner wants to keep her $2.7million mansion to herself.The 18 year old made this clear when she refused to let sister Kim Kardashian and her family to stay at her residence as she and husband Kanye West were forced to move out of their own home for more renovations.

When Kim suggested it,Kylie said she would 'seriously stab herself'

At the beginning of the video, Kim tells Kylie and mother Kris Jenner Kanye and her have been asked to move out once again.. 

'So I just went over my house stuff and guess who has to move out?' 'Kanye and I are on the final stages of the construction on our home and they've advised us that we should move out so they could do our bedroom and our bathrooms now.'
She asks her mother if they could come back to her house but she was hesitant .She then shifts her focus to Kylie, who is snacking by the sink in the kitchen, as the teenage star replies:
'I would seriously stab myself.
Kim then says:
 'C'mon Kylie, I would do that for you. I'm going to ask Kanye if he's into that idea.

Kylie fires back: 'Nobody is staying at my house.
After the awkward silence, Kim says in the confessional: 
'I don't understand why they're being so rude and dramatic. They should like want to cater to a pregnant woman.'
 Culled from E!