Friday 20 November 2015

Tiwa Savage Reveals The Untold Story Behind Her Pregnancy On Genevieve Magazine

Mavin's First Lady Tiwa Savage has revealed her struggle having pre eclampsia during her pregnancy. The star singer is serving us hotness on the wide spread of Genevieve november issue. Excerpts from Genevieve magazine
       Tell us more about having pre-eclampsia
Well, it’s a condition some women have towards the end of their pregnancy. For me, it was a period where I had high blood pressure, my feet got terribly swollen and I could hardly walk. Plus, my baby was overdue by about 7-8 days! At the end, they decided to induce me to labour because they were worried about my condition. It was a painful ordeal but I thank God everything went well.
But you were very energetic during one of your performances in Uganda very late into your pregnancy. How did you manage that? 
I went ahead with that performance because my doctor had given me the go ahead. And I had also contacted a local doctor out there.
However, even though I did do a few other performances like that; I wasn’t planning to be that energetic at that event. But I got so much love from the crowd in Uganda and it was very emotional for me, considering the stage of the pregnancy at the time.
Before, I got there; I had doubts about how I would be received and if I was going to be made to sit on a stool during the performance. But when I got there, everyone was warm, loving and understanding of my situation.
In all, that performance was unexpected. I got that energy from somewhere, but trust me, the next day I was in bed all day.