Friday 20 November 2015

Uti Nwachukwu shows off new look

Yesterday, Uti caused a hair scare when he shared an old photo of him without his dreads..Turns out though he cut it, he didn't cut it all off.He wrote
For those that chose TBT for my photo yesterday. You were actually Right!!!  that photo was taken in 2007And this is the New look. Lol. I actually Cut my locks in Half!
Like I would totally shave off my locks now??! hehe hehe. It'll Take God's intervention or Millions to shave it ALL OFF  So Una Like this my Dreds since and Una nor de talk??!! Eheeenhheeenn. Smh. Yanga Peepo..DO YALL LIKE THE NEW LENGTH??  For those of Una we happy and de yab me say I cut off everything I say wuuuuu!!! Wuuuuu!!!! *in market woman voice and gesture..