Thursday, 24 December 2015

Charlie Sheen Vows To Find A Cure For HIV

Charlie Sheen has vowed to find a cure for HIV. The 50-year-old star recently admitted he's contracted the virus and although he was initially in a state of denial about his condition, Charlie soon turned his attention to combating HIV.

He shared: "I was angry. I was in denial. I was in shock." Asked who he was angry at, the former Two and a Half Men star told Radar Online: "Myself, the world. But that didn't last long. It was shortly afterwards - I think it was the second day - I said to my mom, 'This disease picked the wrong guy.'

"If anybody can fight this thing and discover a cure, it's me. I will exhaust every resource available to me. I will sit with every expert. I will move forward until something's revealed."

Despite feeling angry about his situation, Charlie insisted he never considered committing suicide.

He explained: "I didn't, no, and I never considered it before the diagnosis. I've never been that guy.

"I've always said if somebody's gonna kill themselves, they should jump off a building. It's pretty sure-fire! Slashed wrists are usually just a cry for help," he said.