Tuesday, 22 December 2015

I am so appalled by this!!! I cannot believe Africans are still doing this in this day and age. Just see what they did to a woman in Uganda (photo)

I  just stumbled on this on instagram.. According to this  account Zainab Fatuma  on ig a woman was stripped naked by some  police force.. Read what she wrote below

@ Zainab fatuma female political opposition leader was stripped naked in Uganda as she was being arrested by police officers. Uganda has shamed Africa. I have not seen such barbaric act in modern times. 

Beautiful zainab 
Gorgeous in nudity
you are true African queen 
We love you in nakedness 
Our eyes are sore red
Our souls sore grieved 
Why Kale Kayihura 
Do you violate zainab
African men of valour 
African women of courage 
African children of hope
Rise and protect mothers
Souls of Africa
Spirit of Africa
Christians of Africa