Sunday 6 December 2015

I may try plastic surgery –Waje

Sultry singer, Waje has opened up on marriage, fitness and skin bleaching.She acknowledges though she is working on her weight, she won't rule out the option of cosmetic surgery once she can afford it.Excerpt from her interview with Punch

I don’t think there is any woman who is not looking for a good man to marry or call her own. My definition of a good man may not be the same as yours. Either way I am waiting for the right man. When the wedding bell tolls for me, it will not be a secret.

I am still working on my weight but I am keen on adopting a healthy lifestyle. As you grow older, the emphasis is on living well and making healthy choices. I am fortunate to have met people who look younger than their age because they made a conscious effort to stay young-looking. I eat right and stay away from fizzy drinks. I want a healthy lifestyle that I can sustain.
Skin bleaching

I love my skin tone. Growing up, my mum enjoyed teasing me by saying I have ‘butter on my skin’ and I enjoyed it. I think I have a great skin so all I do now is ensure that I use a proper sunscreen cream to maintain my skin tone.
I don’t have anything against body enhancement surgeries. If I can afford it, I may alter some parts of my body.