Sunday 6 December 2015

Man kills sister over plantain harvest in Kogi (Photo)

36-year-old Mohammed Adamu relationship with his elder sister, Ikani Ayebe Adamu, which had sim­mered since 2014, finally boiled over, resulting in Mohammed strangling her to death. Mohammed is now gnashing his teeth in regret, in the custody of the Kogi State Police Com­mand. 

Bad blood between the sib­lings developed over the plantain planted in their father’s com­pound.
Long before Mohammed strangled the sister, Sunday Sun gathered that he had sev­erally threatened to kill her and burn her house over her refusal to allow him harvest the plantain planted in their father’s com­pound.

The deceased, Ikani, was the first among nine children of the family. 
The Kogi State Commission­er of Police, Emmanuel Ojukwu, who spoke with Sunday Sun expressed shock at the horrifying death of the deceased.
One of the children of the deceased, Onaja Adamu who recounted the chain of events that led to the death of the mother said:
 “My uncle, Mo­hammed Adamu came to our house around 4pm to inquire about the where­abouts of my mother. I told him that my mother went to the farm to har­vest cassava stem.
“He left and came back around 6:00pm to ask about my mother again. I still told him that my mother had not yet come back. We became suspicious of why he was insistent on knowing the whereabouts of my mother. So we traced our mother to the farm and saw her dead body around 8:00pm, lying by the side of the road; her wheelbar­row also stood beside her.”
Promptly they raised the alarm and rushed to Olamaboro Police Station to report the killing of their mother. The case was transferred from Ol­amaboro Police Station to the State Criminal Investigation Department, Lokoja for proper investigation.
During interrogation, he con­fessed to the crime and narrated how he killed his elder sister.