Monday, 21 December 2015

R. Kelly Walked Out Of An Interview After Facing Questions About Sexual Abuse Allegations

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R&B star Kelly sat down with Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani today for an interview on Huffington Post Live, and the conversation quickly turned towards this debate. 
    Modarressy-Tehrani read a  tweet from a fan that said, "Would i let R. Kelly babysit my daughters? Fuck no. Would I play his music at a family party? Ya gotdamn right." 
In response,
     Kelly said "We can curse? I say fuck that. I have a lot of fans around the world that love R Kelly and I'm glad they don't feel the way that she does [sic]. God bless her though. You can't satisfy everybody and you can't have everybody hold you down. When I go to my concerts my concerts sell out, I'm going to do another Buffet tour. We're gonna sell out and have a lot of fun. I'm just glad to know everybody doesn't feel the say that she does." 
      After that question, the interview progressed into Modarressy-Tehrani asking the same question in different ways and Kelly responding by mostly thanking his fans and saying that he came there for "positivity." 
     "I don't hear it from anyone else," he said. "You hear a few moments here and there. I would say fuck that. I'm a man that believes what I see and everywhere I go from malls to restaurants, to tours and sold out tours overse as and back. Everywhere I've been, I get nothing but love. Unless all those people are tricking me and acting when they see me coming or in concert that somebody's behind me with a sign that says 'scream we love you.' Unless that sign is held up, I'm gonna believe what I see."
Kelly walked off set after 17 minutes and did not take any questions from the video callers waiting on the line. Watch the interview here and the final moment of the segment above.