Saturday 5 December 2015

Read angry wife's letter to husband's mistress

A furious woman who discovered her husband was having an affair after finding a bra that wasn't hers  has written a  letter to his mistress.
The letter, which was posted on Craigslist and since taken down, warns "the woman dating my husband' that the man she is involved with is 'a selfish lover' and 'a spend-a-holic' who will "use her up".Read letter below

To the Woman Dating My Husband (South of Cuse)

You probably don't even know that we're not separated, and up until I found his dating site profiles, and flew back to try and rescue my marriage, I did not know there was a problem...
Be aware that everyday, he wrote me loving, wonderful messages, just as he was talking to you and wooing you.
As far as I knew, we were strong in our relationship. If he's been telling you something different, get my number from him, and let me show you the messages...
So the following may be you, or it may be "multiples" of you. I do not know how many of "you" there are. So read to the end. You'll figure out if it's the guy you're dating. Perhaps one of your friends will see this and figure it out for you..
You left your mascara in my husband's old vehicle (he bought a newer one in late September). It was a shimmery brown Covergirl.
I think you left some clothes here too. I threw them away. You also left a bra. You're size 36 B. I'm a 34C. The bra stank with BO. (Of course, it maybe that it belongs to someone else..... After all, his dating profiles and that he was horn-doggin' over a 120 mile radius... )
So he announced we're getting a divorce after I confronted him. He's playing "victim," and telling me it's a BIG misunderstanding, and that I'm being "controlling." I've pointed out that NO woman would agree my behavior is "controlling" after finding her husband's dating profiles which say he's "looking for marriage" to someone else. Unless your version of "controlling" includes an inability to understand I'm upset about the sub-text of "Why can't I go off and search for my next wife?" or "Why can't I just get laid behind your back?"
If he tells you we agreed to an open relationship, that was his question the night before I left, and I gave an ADAMANT "NO!!!" And he agreed, and said it was just something stupid that came into his head at the moment...
He claims he found that mascara (used Cover Girl--ick!-- I wear Lancome, which I replace every 6 months because of eye allergies) on the ground at work before I left to go take care of my sick mom in another state. (NO, I didn't just go off and leave him!) It's been in the truck ever since. So.....
The immaculate truck (I've NEVER seen him clean a vehicle in 15 years!) had the mascara in it for 8+ months? And somehow I'd want used mascara he found on the ground? And he saved it, even when cleaning up the truck?
I haven't even mentioned the bra to him. (What's the point?)