Friday, 25 December 2015

Ten major things that happened at Access Mavin Concert

The all-star line up of artistes under the Mavin roster were in their element on Wednesday, at the Access Mavin Concert, which took place at the Eko Boulevard, Eko Atlantic city, Lagos.
In case you missed the nearly-free concert, not to worry, here are 10 notable things from the event.....

1. The Nigerian Time syndrome continues.. Can someone stop this insanity?
Yes, it is insanity to go for a show slated to begin by 7pm but doesn’t start till 12am, and then, it stretches into 4am.
Event organizers and entertainers have to start making a conscious effort to keep to time, for the sake of concertgoers.

2. The concert’s production was near perfect.
Going by the stage decoration, the lights, the sound, the live band, the dancers and the visuals on the mega screen, the Access Mavin Concert will go down as one of the best produced concerts in 2015.
Apart from the minor sound and video glitch during Dr Sid’s performance of Kabiyesi, there were hardly any letdown throughout the concert duration.

3. Tiwa Savage and the hot-mama struggle.
Yes she wants to silence her critics. Yes she wants to please the crowd but on Wednesday, December 23, it was obvious that the First Lady of Mavin, Tiwa Savage was trying too hard.
Wonderful choreography, amazing crowd response, sexy outfits but she was evidently uncomfortable in her skin tight outfits, as she gasped for breath, intermittently.
With the pregnancy after affects- a bulging stomach and flabby thighs- it would be perfectly understandable if she wears loose clothing and shows little skin, at least now.

4. Reekado Banks’ crocodile tears.
We weren’t informed beforehand that Reekado Banks was auditioning for an Oscar winning role where he’s expected to fake a cry to win the affection of the crowd.
This was so unnecessary and noticeably forced.
We’re sure he would say- I was overwhelmed but we’re not buying that.
There was no sign of tears rolling down his cheeks as he exited the stage, except the emotional affection-winning dramatic breakdown.

5. D’ija and her ‘never-say-die’ spirit.
It’s hard not to love the amazing spirit of Di’Ja.
Even on her worst day, she’d never quit neither will her performance falter.
Di’Ja exhibited this trait on the night as she stringed together nearly perfect performances and even when the crowd failed to respond to some of her singles, Di’Ja remained professional and upbeat till the end.
6. Korede Bello and his MJ antics.
Whomever is trying to turn Korede Bello into a teenage Michael Jackson should quit while the experiment is still in the early stages.
The MJ-mode was in full effect on the night as Korede donned a glittering attire and also made some break-dance moves.
Dear Don Jazzy, the unassuming, genuine persona of Korede Bello is the reason why Nigerian teenagers are in love with him.
7. The Molowo Noni reunion.
One of the major highlights of the night was when D’prince led Wizkid and Ice Prince out to perform Samklef’s 2010 hit song, Molowo noni.
This sent the crowd into ruptures as they sang lyric for lyric.

8. The hustle for celebrity giveaways.
You could either be the hustler and the onlooker and in the words of Basketmouth if you are the onlooker, you’re safe but if you are the hustler, there are two things involved.
It’s either you get that celebrity shirt, cap, chain or you get crushed by the formation of body odours or lose a tooth, your transport fare and mobile phone, in the process.
On the night, performers such as Reekado Banks, Korede Bello, Dr Sid all parted with valuable items.

9. Impressive turnout
The Mavin crew were very confident to host their debut concert at this venue, despite its chequered history, in regards to music concerts.
However, concertgoers surprisingly took several leaps of faith and turned out en masse for the event.
They were well treated by the organisers, save for the time-wasting disease of Nigerian events.

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