Saturday, 16 January 2016

Addict snatched heroin from police interview table and ate it (Photo)

A drug addict ate a wrap of heroin from a police interview table in a desperate bid to destroy police evidence. 
Alan Timperley, 38, was being quizzed by Lancashire Police officers when they found the Class A drug concealed on his person.An officer placed the drugs on the table during his subsequent interrogation - but Timperley snatched the stash and swallowed it.

The Court heard that the serial criminal, who has 35 convictions for 66 offences, opted to dispose of the drugs because the officer was ‘doing his head in’,Uk Mirror reports
Timperley, of Accrington, Lancs, was jailed for four months after pleading guilty to perverting the course of justice as well as earlier burglary and theft offences.