Thursday 14 January 2016

Fade Ogunro Speaks On Why She Left Radio, Says I Was Just there For A Certain Thing

Former Beat 99.9FM On-Air-Personality, Fade Ogunro who left the radio station late last year  was recently accosted at an event by a Ynaija reporter where she spoke on why she left radio, what made her an OAP in the first place and how she has teamed up with her famous senior brother Sesan Ogunro, to run their film production company called Film Factory.

On why she became an OAP, Fade said;

“The whole point of radio was to get to meet a lot of artistes. The reason behind that was because I owned a TV production company called Film Factory because when I moved to Nigeria, I didn’t know any artiste. So working on radio -Saturday and Sunday was a great way for me to meet the artiste so that I could shoot a lot of their videos.” Continue...

On her new project;

“People know my brother Sesan the director and together we run the company. He is the director and I’m the executive producer. Over the last 4 years that the company has been running, we are constantly getting busier.”

“So leaving radio was simply because I have tried to manage my time over the last 5 years but it comes to a time where you are like – you know what, I can’t marry two husbands. I love the both of you but I have to pick one and I think my company fulfills me more.”

“We have gone from a staff of 3 to 30 in the last 3 years and the impact in terms of all the TV commercial and music videos I have shot. I feel like I’m impacting the African media a lot more which was my ultimate goal.”

“Even though radio gives me a certain fulfillment because I get millions of people around the world to listen to the show, I’m also with my company and on the other hand I train people like cameraman, sound guys, gaffers, lighting guys and editors.”