Sunday 24 January 2016

I did not benefit from GEJ's $200m loan to Nollywood-Mr Ibu

Popular comedian and actor,John Okafor has opened up on the 200 million dollars allegedly given to the Actors Guild of Nigeria by ex president Goodluck Jonathan,he also shared his thoughts on president Buhari's anti-corruption war. Excerpts from his interview with Vanguard
What happened to the money,ex-President Jonathan allegedly gave to the AGN as loan?
Laughter…I did not see one naira oohhhh! I do not know who processed and collected it. If the money was released,I do not know. If they did not release it,I do not know. The people who were supposed to give us information, talking about the leadership of AGN, did not tell us anything even the first $200 million,nothing was heard of it. What am looking for is hectares of land for the Film Village,then I will leave acting
What is your perception of the President Muhammad Buhari-led government anti-corruption war?

It is too early to fight this. I would have preferred the government to set their house in order first. Set the administration going,make the people who voted you talk good of you as you are coming in. The corrupt people know themselves. While your good work is going on,you can then start picking them one after the other. Whoever that has offended government knows he or she has done so.
Government should set its house in order first. Let the good things about this administration flow first before the arrests. Let Nigerians talk good of you first, then you can now tell them,there are people who did this and that,that need questioning. But starting with this quarrel,fighting as a new government,I do not think it will help. Many people are talking about hunger,no money,collapsed businesses among others. They would have first of all laid good foundation about their administration so that people will feel them first. The change should be seen in the peoples’ welfare and every other thing will follow. That’s my own idea.