Friday, 22 January 2016

(Photos)Man attempst suicide on electrical tower because his wife won't have 2nd child

A distressed Chinese man whose wife allegedly refused to give him a second child , threatened to commit suicide last week.

Rescuers spent 16 hours persuading the man, identified as 33-year-old Zhang Guiping, to come down from a 130-foot-tall transmission tower, reports, Zhang, father of a five-year-old boy, walked away unharmed.

The Henfeng County Police told reporters they received a call at around 4pm local time (10am GMT) from a woman claiming her husband was going to kill himself.They immediately went to the scene where they found Zhang high up the tower, extremely anxious and refusing to come down.
His hysterical wife was waiting at the bottom, along with other family members, hoping he would eventually change his mind.

The tower Zhang had climbed was so dangerous with such a high voltage of electricity running through it, rescuers were hesitant to climb up and retrieve him. As well as electricity risks, the weather conditions were very severe. 

To ensure his safety, the emergency services waited throughout the night with Zhang, they also put safety cushions on the floor to break his fall if he jumped.

According to a report from, when he was up the tower a woman could be heard shouting from below:
'Come down. Don't think about the other, we have to consider the child we have.'
Zhang's wife had reportedly told him she did not want to have another baby, so he climbed up the high-voltage tower and threatened to take his own life. The couple already have a five-year-old son, but this was not enough for Zhang.

After an investigation, it was discovered he was jealous of the fact his neighbours had more than one child, but his wife would not commit to giving him another.

Given his mental state, Zhang was sent to the Hengfeng Psychiatric Hospital for treatment.

Culled from Daily Mail