Wednesday 3 February 2016

A Private School In Calabar Flogs Parents For Bringing Their Children To School Late?

Abeg abeg, I had to go on the guy’s page to be sure he is not a comedian and alas he isn’t one. A lot of people where surprised such a thing could happen, especially in a PRIVATE SCHOOL where your own money is being used to run the school. Some even argued with him that it can never be possible and he replied most of them saying it happened yesterday morning when he dropped off a female neighbour and her child at school when her car won’t start.

A very furious woman who commented on the post said, she wouldn’t blame the school but the parents who allow teachers flog them because of a mistake on their part saying that is why Nigeria has not grown because we never know our rights.

Despite Reginald swearing it happened and said it was just a touch of cane on their palms and not like proper flogging, I still find it difficult to believe.