Tuesday 2 February 2016

Jay Z's label Roc Nation countersues Rita Ora for $2.4 million

Months after Rita Ora filed a lawsuit against Jay Z’s label Roc Nation for neglecting her music, the company has filed a $2.4 million counter suit.
 In a lawsuit filed in December, Ora accused Roc Nation of not letting her release new music.Rita Ora was supposed to release five albums with Roc Nation after signing to them in 2008.So far,only one has been released ..

Now,Roc Nation is now counter suing to recoup the $2.4 million they claim to have poured into marketing for Ora’s still unreleased sophomore album.
TMZ reports (emphasis mine):
The label claims it signed Rita in 2008 when she was unknown and invested millions in her career. In return she had to deliver 5 albums, but the label says it only got one.
Jay Z is allegedly willing to release Ora from the label, according to her attorney Howard King.