Monday 21 March 2016

Man is engulfed in flames after his phone catches fire in his pocket (Photos)

 A man became engulfed in a ball of flames after his mobile phone battery allegedly caught fire in his pocket.The incident, which is believed to have taken place in Pakistan, was captured by a witness who watched in horror as the man ran around frantically trying to put himself out.
The man was said to be walking down a road after getting off a bus, and was not aware that his pocket has caught fire.
Suddenly the flames begin to rise and spread up his arm before engulfing his shirt - turning him into a ball of fire.
In panic, he ran in a circle screaming in pain while horrified witnesses attempt to help him put out the flames.

One bystander began hitting the man with what appears to be a rug in a bid to stamp out the fire, but for the most partEventually a local market worker came to the rescue by throwing a large bucket of water at the man and extinguishing the fire.A few flames were still visible on his back but a second man then throws more water at the victim to put the fire out entirely.

The video concludes with the man stumbling towards the camera while struggling for breath.

Little information has been provided alongside the video and the condition of the man is not known following the horrific ordeal.
 this has little effect.The situation becomes increasingly horrific as the flames continue to rise and cover the man.