Monday 18 July 2016

Justin Bieber flings fan's gift, says ''I don't want that s**t''

Justin Bieber left fans shocked at his concert in New Jersey on Friday night, where he paused the concert to lecture one of his fans for giving him a GIFT. 
After the excited Belieber threw their hat on-stage for the singer, he threw it away, grabbed his microphone and said  said:
"Take this moment to listen and try not to give me a hat or whatever you're trying to throw onto the stage right now, because I probably don't want that s**t.
Realising he went a little overboard with his remarks, the star quickly added:

"Sorry, maybe that was a bit mean..."
He then went on a bizarre rant about the meaning of life.
"I just wanted to take this moment to acknowledge the fact that we all have a purpose, that we all have a meaning to life and it's not, like, we just don't live to die. And this life is not all struggles. I know that sometimes when we wake up in the morning, and it's like 'God another day.'"
He then ended it by addressing the fan
"Sorry for throwing your hat, but you ruined the moment."