Tuesday 23 May 2017

Another beautiful photo of Debie Rise And Black Bassey

For days now, both have been sharing loved up photos of themselves on social media in bid to promote their new music.

This photo was shared by Black
Bassey on his IG, which immediately got some response form fans and non-fans alike.

Read comments below:

pliesburnBoth of them they drag muscle
idiaberry@pliesburn shut up must u say rubbish
pliesburn@idiaberry come shut am oshe
prettyestilove@pliesburn shut ur smelly mouth,jobless non entity.
endyblast@precious_pacific look at ur stone face.
wizstargal_jay@derachizzy behave mature na...arnt you ashame that pple notice you for bad comment...why must you make humanbeing like you sad with your stupid comments...remember debbierise is also humanbeing like you....if you dont have good comment about her...it nt by force to comment na...you should have just keep quite
iam_hapynonyU two are good together...... More grace
chinyeluroseDebbie and Bassey please give haters reasons to hate and talk, more Romance pic plsssssswizstargal_jay@precious_pacific beautiful lady...will you be happy if you see a lady like urself writing bad comments about you,how will you feel?...you should remember she is also humanbeing like you..she also have feelings..pls next time think verywell before posting bad comment about other people..put yourself in their shoes and assume how you will feel if some else post that type of comment about you...my luvly debbierise please ignore the negative comments and be happy with the positive ones...i luv u king bassey and queen debbie