Sunday 7 May 2017

There Were Times Aunty Mercy And Her Husband Would Come Into The Store Cussing Eachother - EX-Staff

More details about the end of Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe's marriage to Lanre Gentry, keeps surfacing on a daily basis.

Sunday Scoop spoke with a source who once worked with Mercy at her Mag Divas Boutique, located at Omole, Lagos. According to the former employee, the actress and her husband often had quarrels in the boutique.
“Their marriage has always been a ‘strange’ one. On some days, they could come in laughing together and act all lovey-dovey and on some other days, they’d enter the shop arguing and cursing each other at the top of their voices.
“There have been several times that aunty Mercy and her husband came into the shop arguing at the top of their voices. There was a particular day that the argument was so heated that we thought the situation was going to degenerate badly. They continued shouting even as they went into Mercy’s office. However, they emerged some time later full of smiles and kissing each other. We, the staff, were really surprised and the incident strengthened our resolve not to interfere in their squabbles as they could be unpredictable,” the former staff of Mag Divas said.
 “The last scene I witnessed of them was when her husband came into the shop shouting. He accused Mercy of not giving him enough attention. He also complained that she doesn’t always cook for him and their children but prefers going to parties.”