Wednesday 17 July 2019

#Bbnaija: #Khafi break down into tears after feeling abandon by #Gedoni since kim left (Picture)

If you love this ship, you need to get in here! Emotional #khafi broke down in tears yesterday after feeling abandon by her supposed partner # Gedoni in the house after Kim was evicted.  

All this started yesterday when Omashola noticed the distance between them. He then told  Gedoni to speak to Khafi about the issue. 

 During yesterday task, Khafi was spotted struggling to memorize her lyrics in the Pepsi Know Da Lyrics while other Housemates tried to assist her to get through the struggle, Gedoni was nowhere to be found to assist her. She felt he wasn’t there for her.

Expressing her feelings to Gedoni, she said, 

“It feels like you only used me to get over KimOprah and now that she’s gone, you’re done playing the game”, 

In Gedoni defense, he said he has always had issues in his past relationships as a result of getting easily misunderstood. 

He also blamed the rain for his moody behavior in the House and promised he didn’t keep his distance intentionally. Is this a good enough excuse to keep the stormy weather away? He then promised her that 

“I won’t make you feel that way again”, said Gedoni, while he tried explaining the reason for the rift between them. Emotional Khafi burst out in tears as she kept on revealing her fears about getting emotionally attached to him – which birthed a cuddling moment between the pair.