Wednesday 29 June 2022

#Twitter Topic: 'It's goodbye sex'' - Man ends relationship with his fiancé after he caught her with another man a night after he proposed


A Twitter user who goes by the name @bheehiive took to the platform to share the story, saying the man lived in Lagos and was in a long-distance relationship with the lady who resides in Ekiti state. The Twitter user said the young lady had confessed a number of times to cheating but the man decided to stick with her despite her philandering nature.


He said several appeals for the man to walk away from the relationship failed until he proposed to her and on the night of the proposal, she left him and went to spend time with one of her 'lovers'. The Twitter user claimed that when the distraught boyfriend confronted his woman, she admitted to cheating but said she only went to give her ''goodbye sex'' while advising him to do the same.