Monday 6 July 2015

Daily Pains Of A Single Rich Guy- Lagos Bachelor Writes

Found this on ladun blog… Below are the 10 reasons he stated. After reading all what he wrote I ended up feeling guilty in some ehn ehn lol.

I am not particularly stinkingly rich but I am a very comfortable bachelor working with one of the foremost multinational oil companies in Nigeria. I can afford the basic things of life with ease and with enough to spare. I also have friends & colleagues who are very comfortable and face similar challenges I and others face. Any rich, single guy will possibly identify with some of the challenges I am about to outline, if not all. Some of the challenges are as follows:

1. Many girls automatically assume that you are a player – Drive a nice car, wear good clothes, smell well and live in a comfortable house and many gals automatically tag you out as a player. undecided I have been told so many times by girls. One of my close friend had to quit a relationship because his girlfriend was just too insecure and didn’t trust him. sad My ex-gfs have also accused me of cheating eventhough I was never caught.

2. Many think you have a girlfriend – You walk up to a girl, chat her up and start off a conversation. You become her friend and eventually ask her out. She tells you to your face that she knows that you already have a girlfriend, and possibly a fiancée. She tells you that it is virtually impossible for you to be single with your current status. For goodness sake, what does my financial status has to do with my relationship lifeI tire o. From that point onward, they hardly take you serious.

3. Some girls are just interested in your money– Yes, many rich guys can testify to this. You meet lots and lots of female fraudster – we call them runs girls. angry They pretend to like you but all they are interested in is to get a share of your ‘national cake’ – your money. I can not count the number of times that girls (that I am still toasting) will be asking me to pay for their house rent, set up a business for them, etc when I am yet to start dating them. Even at the stage of friendship, some start asking for phones, Brazilian hairs and all kinds of stuffs. It’s annoying! Why is it so hard sometimes to meet a decent, good looking girl? I must confess not all girls are like that but many are.

4. You spend more for your girlfriends – Girlfriends who have rich boyfriends expect their guys to spend more for them. You will find out that your broke male friends spend far less for their girlfriends ( and the girls appear to be contented), but in your case, your girlfriends expect that you ‘prove’ your love by spending your cash on them. If you don’t spend lavishly, you risk being tagged as ‘stingy’ cry

5. Fine girls tend to play more ‘hard-to-get’ with the rich guys than the broke ones – YES! You heard me right. It’s surprisingly ironic, isn’t it? Fine girls tend to play hard to get with the rich guys because they want to been seen as decent and not after money. Many atimes, it’s just sheer pretence. embarassed They pretend to be decent, good, domesticated. They may sometimes hide their promiscuous and cheap lifestyle because they assume that they have finally met the serious-minded rich guy. So, they want to appear like a good girl. Some may also play hard-to-get so that you can spend more during the toasting stage. Meanwhile, you find out that these girls keep rolling carelessly and freely with the not-so-rich guys in the neighborhood.

6. You become paranoid. You find it hard to know who really loves you. You also tend to think the girls in your circle are only around because of your money. You beome confused and it gets difficult to settle for a choice. It seems best to have settled for someone before you ‘made’ it. embarassed

7. You may actually meet fewer number of good girls – You heard me right. You find out that you meet mostly bad and extremely extroverted girls. This is because the richer you get, the more isolated you may become. You drive your car, meaning that you do not meet ladies often in the bus or park. You do mostly online transfer meaning that you also miss out on ladies who visit the banks. You also are too busy to visit near-by higher insitutions where you can meet various chicks. We often live in very secured estates where everybody minds his/her own business further isolating us from meeting the real, ‘good’ gals out there. We tend to hang out in bars and clubs where you meet the highly extroverted, possibly bad gals. Gals in church are possibly worse-off too and not much better. Sigh…. cry

8. You spend more than others to get a gal others would easily get with little cash – Another sad truth. Standards are set for you. While the not-so-rich guys will think twice before spending even less than 5k on a girl, you find yourself spending comparatively more for a gal. Due to your class, you have minimum standards for yourself, and you find it hard to go below it as it has become part of your lifestyle. First impression matters a lot for women. When you take a lady on a date within your ‘minimum standard’which may be very ordinary to you, she may become carried away with the lavishness. She often steps up her game so as not to appear cheap. cool

9. Your true personality is often buried beneath your financial strength sad – Rich guys are one of the most misunderstood persons. Sometimes, we just want to be ourselves. However, friends and hanger-bys tend to be insecure and intimidated around us and think of us only in terms of our money. You jokingly tease a girl, and she is quick to point out to you that ‘is it because you think you have money?’ Not only girls, even fellow friends around you will feel very insecure. Some do not want to introduce you to their girlfriends because they are afraid that you will snatch them away. You find street guys freely talking to these fine young girls, and nobody calls them names. If you do same, people tag you as arrogant, player, disrespectful, etc. All focus is on you. Gossips are directed towards you…hmm angry

10. You find out the real, hard truth that money can not buy true love. Of course, money plays a very big role as it can fuel and sustain true love but money can hardly get you true love. Money can get you a beautiful woman, but it can’t get you a decent, faithful and loyal girl. Ever rich, comfortable or even upcoming guy out there should focus more on building a personality that is attractive to ladies. I have been poor and loved by a lady unconditionally before. I am comfortable and have been hurt by a lady recently. I have been both poor and rich in my life. From my experience, I can very well say that LIKEABLE PERSONALITY COMES BEFORE MONEY.