Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Eva Alordiah slams ladies hating on her relationship

 Its no news rapper Eva and her TV presenter boo,Caesar seem to be madly inlove..After posting a video of them passionately kissing, some fans especially females slammed her..Read her reply below
I understand that none of you have ever had the yearning to Eat your boyfriends like I eat mine
Quite a number of you do not even have boyfriends and from the tone in your many comments, GuuurrRl!! It is not hard to understand why!
I feel your pain

Because even I have bled from the same vein
But unlike you I didn't go around pouring hate and the bitter kola taste of an impertinent spirit into every girl who had one, like I would palm oil into a frying pan.
Instead I saw her and wished it were me
I Said to God, I want that too!
And when, after many a great hits and misses with boys, like a learner on a tennis pitch who just can't quite hit the ball right, I finally met a man who swept the-single-and-searching-rug off my feet..