Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Toolz says you should do this if your man asks for a relationship break

Toolz decided to share advice to ladies whose boyfriends ask for a break..According to her, this is what her alter-ego would say
Break ke?? Don't mind him....he's just a bit unsure cos some pesky beings are trying to distract him. In fact this is when you need to do the most. Give him a 'day-off' from the relationship, but don't be idle. Go visit his mum..talk aso-ebi colours, make his dad some lunch...take it to his office. Call his boys for a hangout....they are your friends too now. Go surprise his siblings at work or school...Bisi is your lil sis now too. It doesn't matter that you've only been dating for 6 weeks.

No...you aren't crazy...you are just a strong woman who knows what she wants .....and goes after it.
Break ke...loool...abeg what do you want for dinner jare? (When my later-ego gives relationship advice hehehe)