Sunday, 7 May 2017

Parents arrested after being caught in tug-of-war with baby son

A Utah couple are behind bars after a video surfaced of them fighting in a hotel parking lot  with their infant child literally stuck in the middle.

In the footage, mom Britnie Haas is seen holding her 11-month-old son on her hip as the father, Elias Holt, tries to snatch the baby away from her.

Haas hits Holt in the face as another woman, identified as Holt's aunt Melinda Ylinen, tries to separate them
Later in the video, Holt has the baby in his arms as Haas yells and screams at him. She's then seen violently snatching the child from him as Holt lunges towards her.

"When I was saying to him, 'Let me take the baby inside,' that's when she grabs the baby out of his arms so violently," Ylinen told Fox 13. "The baby was really low on her hip, and he was bowing backwards, and I was afraid his back was going to snap."
According to the outlet, the fight happened Sunday outside of La Quinta in Orem. The pair were arrested Friday.

Haas is facing charges of child abuse, domestic violence in the presence of a child and assault. Holt was arrested for a previous warrant, Fox reported.
Police said the baby was not harmed during the fight and is staying with a family member.

NY Daily Post