Thursday 30 September 2021

You won't believe that vendors are rude and mean when I contact them anonymously but treat me like egg when I tell them my name - Bauchi Governor's daughter, Zara Bala

Bauchi State Governor, daughter Fatima Zara Bala, is calling out some 'not so nice' Nigerian vendors on Instagram

 She revealed that she had received rude, mean, brutal and delayed responses when she contacted some vendors anonymously but same people treated her like an egg when she revealed her identity. 


Zara, who made the revelation on her IG story on Thursday, September 30, said everyone deserves to be treated and spoken with kindness no matter their status.


"I am really not trying to rile anyone but I m terrified at how some vendors operate. I repeat I m not trying to attack anyone...I 'd like to believe that kindness is a universal language and it should be spoken and applied every second right?" she wrote.


"But some vendors only choose to be kind when they know who is on the other line of communication. I ve had a lot of vendors call my siblings begging them to talk to me so they would be my vendor for my wedding, which is normal. I myself look for customers because I m into business


"But the scray part is I actually contact them anonymously and their response is brutal!! They are not nice!! Very rude, delayed response, and what have you. But when I tell them it's Zala Bala, ah! I 'm being treated like an egg which is not ok 


"Kindness should not apply to certain people, everyone deserves to be treated and spoken to with kindness. I 'm not better than anyone in anyway! And you never know, that person you are being mean to might be higher and better than you in the eyes of the point is, kindness should not be at your convinience . It's not a one time thing! Thank you for listening to my Ted talk." she concluded.