Friday 11 March 2022

Popular TikTok user ‘shot dead by her 17-year-old brother for wearing crop tops in honour killing’

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A TikTok star in Iraqi Kurdistan has been allegedly murdered by her brother in honor killing 


Eman Sami Maghdid, known to her 47,000 followers as Mari or Maria, is said to have defied conservative Islamic conventions by wearing crop tops and a crucifix. She was allegedly shot dead by her brother.

Her 17-year-old brother, who has not been named, allegedly fired eight or nine bullets at the influencer on a road in the city of Erbil on Sunday night.

Police arrested the teen, as well as another person suspected of sheltering him.


Eman, 20, was known for posting ‘rebellious’ photos and videos on social media including pictures of her smoking cigarettes, voicing her opinions, and wearing crop tops and a crucifix.

It is believed she had not converted from Islam to Christianity but merely wore the item as a fashion statement.

In a post on Facebook in August last year, she wrote: ‘I believe that humans will always suffer at the hands of other humans.’


Her death follows at least ten other women including a 23-year-old transgender woman Doski Azad, who was also shot dead, allegedly by her brother in Iraq’s Kurdistan region this year.