Friday 10 July 2015

Billionaire Businessman, Goddy Anabor’s First Son Slams Back At Blogger ladun Saying My Father Is Not A Taxi Driver

Errrmm let me make something's clear here. I can recall blogging about this news here first before any bloggers, but since joke isn't famous yet, I won't say anything because I can be bad like that lol. So y'all better read any news you see here carefully ehn ehn lol.
So here's the explanation, Yes International magazine reported exclusively that billionaire business man Goddy Anabor is now a taxi driver. People like joke, ladun and Stella reported the news too and behold Goddy anabor's first son fired back at the report saying..
     ``My father is not a taxi driver and even if he is, so fucking what???? .. What is the problem with all this news papers and magazines going about promoting Negativity ???. The man lived a life in his own time it doesn't matter what comes after that, He made name, history and that is why you can still write about him today, We have President, Millionaires who are no longer in power and you don't hear a word about them, If you are saying my dad is a taxi driver he is making a living. Continue...

Man done things people will never be able to do no matter how much income they come across.... You can keep writing what you want to write or promote what you wish to promote but what I know is no matter how much words you put down it won't change who I am. I am the first son of the man you once knew. Chief Godwin Anabor.. He passed the name unto me wasn't by accident that happened and so I passed the name to my first child still wasn't an accident I did that.. Again I say no matter what you write down or promote I won't change my name and it won't change who I am.. For you Ladun or whatever your name is go look for something positive to promote..