Sunday 22 November 2015

Jibola Is Just My Baby Daddy + Actresses Sleep Around For Endorsements- Ayo Mogaji

Veteran actress, Ayo Mogaji has said people should stop calling elderly actor, Jibola Dabo her husband because he is only her baby daddy. According to the actress, herself and Jibola were lovers before she got married and have a child together. She also spoke to Telegraph about young actresses and getting endorsement and the corporate world ignoring them. According to her, some of them achieve this by sleeping around. Hear her; 

“Jibola was only my boyfriend, though we had a baby together before I got married. We never got married to each other. I’m married to a British Psychotherapist named Dr. Victor Ayodele Oduleye,” she spoke about her love affair with the actor.

When asked how she felt about younger actors enjoying and securing brand endorsements from companies when just a fraction of the older ones benefit from the industry they toiled to grow, she said, “That does not exactly bother me. It’s journalists like you that will help us to ask them what disqualifies us from such life changing opportunities. Maybe we don’t work hard enough, maybe we cannot sleep around and maybe we cannot quite do what the younger ones are doing or they cannot get what they’re getting from the younger ones from us.

“At the location where I am now, my director and I were discussing this same matter yesterday. What their criteria are, I don’t know, but I know if you google my name, you would see what I’ve done and the rest. It’s quite shocking that some people still think you’ve not done enough and that it’s only the new faces that can sell products and services. All well and good, if anybody needs my service, they will call me when the time comes.”