Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Blackface Comes For Wizkid In New Song, Says I Will Send You To The Cemetery

There are a lot of agbayas in this music industry oo, or is it allowed for the older generation to diss the new generation, all in the name of music and a comeback? Lol. So Blackface is back and we are glad but he surprised us all when he called out wizkid in his new video, KILLAH that he released yesterday. 

He says wizkid stole his lyrics and he is a copycat and he is ready to send him and other copycats to the cemetery. He said;

‘Why Wizkid try me steal melody, dey copycat, na get me energy, me burn them me send them to the cemetery’.

But bia, If wizkid decides to reply him now, no be die be that? Lol