Monday 8 May 2017

Man accused of murdering his girlfriend claims she choked to death during oral sex

A man is asking to show a murder jury his penis to prove his girlfriend choked to death during oral sex.

The local Sun Sentinel newspaper reports he is accused of murdering his girlfriend in her bedroom.

Patterson, 65, claimed the death of Francisca Marquinez, 60, in October 2015 was an accident when she choked while performing oral sex.

He wants the judge’s permission to show the jury his penis to prove his girlfriend choked.The  judge in Florida is considering whether to grant Richard Henry Patterson’s request.

The pensioner from Margate, on the south coast near Fort Lauderdale, has previously admitted choking Marquinez but has so far never publicly said how, the paper reported.

His attorney Ken Padowitz said the size of his manhood is key to his defence when his trial starts.
According to the autopsy, there was no signs of trauma and no bruises on her neck.

But the medical examination did show body was in an early stage of decomposition, making some bruising more difficult to detect with certainty. The medical examiner was unable to reach a definitive conclusion about the cause and manner of death.

At the time of the death, Patterson had told his daughter in a text message that he “did something bad”.

And he later allegedly told a friend “I choked her. I choked Francisca."

But the lawyer pointed out: "He said he choked her. He never said he strangled her.”