Thursday, 12 November 2015

Kim K says doctors complain about pregnancy weight

Doctors have warned Kim Kardashian about her pregnancy weight ..She revealed the news herself on her website.She wrote 
“[I have] Anxiety, knowing my baby is so big and I’m gaining a lot of weight. My doctor wants me to manage it better, but it’s hard to! I have gained more than I did the first pregnancy. I’m up 52 pounds [23.5kg] so far, with six weeks to go,
Kardashian’s unborn son is currently the size of a “REALLY heavy pineapple,” and she’s bracing herself for a “big baby.”she continued..
The baby is, 'Big! It will be a big baby, they said. North was just four pounds, so this is new to me. This baby is already seven pounds.''Getting a massage now. My feet and hands are swelling and it all goes down when I get a massage.”North was just four pounds [1.8kg], so this is new to me. This baby is already seven pounds [3.1kg].”
The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology recommends women who are a healthy weight at the start of their pregnancy only gain a total amount of  25 to 35 pounds, or around 11 to 16kg.