Monday, 28 December 2015

Beyonce didn’t fancy Jay Z at first but now they are crazy in love

According to an unauthorized biography Becoming Beyonce, Hollywood biographer J Randy Taraborrelli said Bey was just 20 when she met the rapper, backstage at a benefit concert in New York City in 2001. She was apparently not impressed, telling many of her confidantes: “I’m not into Jay.”
But Jay Z  was said to have fancied her for other reasons,not romantic .He“smelled the brand” and felt he would broaden his appeal in many ways by aligning himself with her.

It was also believed Beyonce, essentially a pop princess, stood to gain more of an urban sensibility; she’d be taken more seriously.

Jay’s mentor Jaz-O told me:
 “The way I saw it, it was more calculated than romantic.“He was thinking about his brand as much as his heart. He can smell opportunity.”
Rapper Choke No Joke added:
 “There’s no question she helped him get more revenue by putting her brand next to his. Call it fate, call it manipulation, whatever, Beyonce came along at the right time in his life.”
By the time Beyonce met Jay Z she had finished with first love Lyndall because he had repeatedly cheated on her.
It was Beyonce’s mum Tina who reportedly urged the singer to accept a first date with Jay Z, as she thought it would help her move on from the ex she felt was holding her daughter back.

And when Beyonce got to really know Jay, she began to feel attracted. Billy B, Beyonce’s make-up artist, said:
“From my vantage point, the love between them grew out of respect for him.
“Also in Jay Z she had met someone who was smart, maybe smarter than she was, and she was intrigued by that. People made jokes about his looks, saying he was not handsome enough for her, but she didn’t care.”
Beyonce also told her vocal coach Kim Wood Sandusky about the Empire State of Mind rapper one night. Kim said:
 “As I was listening to her talk about Jay Z I sat there thinking, ‘This man is going to be her husband’.
“I think he was opening up her heart in a way she didn’t know was possible. Seeing the sparkle in her eye, I knew something wonderful was unfolding in her life.” But it took a few years for the pair to iron out their dynamic.
Beyonce is a strong, independent woman and can be very defiant. Jay, being older, has taught her so much about so many things.
He has also broken down her tendency to guard her feelings, telling her she can’t be secretive and be in an intimate relationship with him.