Thursday 14 January 2016

Girl Whose Boyfriend Dumped Her For Being Overweight, Loses Weight & Promises To Send His Entire Family A GIFT

A girl dumped by her boyfriend for being overweight has had her revenge - by sending him a cake of soap made from her fat. The young woman, known only by her online nickname Xiaoxiao, had liposuction after being dropped by the shallow fellow. 

In an unusual step, she used the matter that was extracted from her to mould her own payback cosmetics. Xiaoxiao then posted a pic of herself holding the soap to the Chinese social networking site Sina Weibo, according to the Shanghaist .

In an accompanying message to her ex-boyfriend, she said: "Since I cannot go home with you this year, I've made a piece of soap from my own fat to give to your mum for washing up.

"Chinese New Year - the time to surprise those low men who can only judge a book by its cover!"

The lad in question wasn't too impressed at being called out in public. He replied: "Why are you making me look bad on the Internet? "It was already over between us, you didn't need to go to the hospital to suck out fat and disgust me! Damn, do I judge people solely by their appearances? You didn’t need to disgust my mum, or what?"

Not to be deterred, Xiaoxiao responded: "You said I was fat. I'm sending your entire family some soap, believe it or not!"