Tuesday, 20 September 2016

See Who Is Back To Blogging? Meeeeeeeeeeeee

Can I get my  'Welcome back' song from you all?  ''Welcome Back Welcome Back Welcome Back''lol
I know it been a while I blogged but guess what guys? I'm back! Woop Woop! From the depth of my heart, I sincerely apologized. *Kisses*  I know many  have assumed I was done blogging, but the truth is  I working intensely trying to get  my career together. You know how Nigeria can be with job hunting. 

 On the other hand, my presence was in other platforms like Instagram and twitter, I was working immensely in those platforms to create a presence there despite the bevy of  Instagram bloggers. For those who don't know, Instagram is now the Almighty platform. And yeah, feel free to go check me out there @JokeAdegokeblog and kindly follow. Thanks bunch  

 In conclusion, I'm back to blogging and this time ain't going anywhere. So who missed me ? and what did I missed? Next News please? lol