Tuesday 2 July 2019

Three Gorgeous Generations! Kylie Jenner covers Harper’s Bazaar Arabia with daughter Stormi and her mom Kris Jenner (Photos)

Talk about three gorgeous generations! 21 years old make-up mogul, Kylie Jenner’s daughter, Stormi Webster has landed her first ever cover at the age of one. 

She graced the July/August cover of Harper’s Bazaar Arabia along with her mom and grandma, Kris Jenner.

In the magazine, the makeup mogul has described how her upbringing has influenced the way she approached motherhood. Here is what she said; 

“Honestly, I don’t remember a time when I did have privacy because we started our show when I was 9 years old,” she said. “I feel like I just grew up in it and so I figured out a way of living that is comfortable for me. Of course, there are times when you feel like your privacy is invaded.”
“But I feel like I’ve learned how to pull back when I need to,” the Kylie Cosmetics mogul shares. “I love my fans and we have such a strong relationship. I do love sharing and inspiring and bringing people into my life. I feel like I was definitely made to do what I do.”

Kylie admits that while “there are definitely moments when I get stressed out,” but she has figured out a way to work in relaxation time to keep the balance healthy.
“I’ll take the week off and spend more time with Stormi, or I like to go on trips when I’m feeling overwhelmed,” she explains. “I just have my little message in life. I feel that we all do, even if you’re not famous. As human beings, we get stressed out and we all have our little way of coming back together.”
Kris, 63, couldn’t be prouder of her youngest child, calling Kylie “a shining example of a young, working mom who wants to do it all, fit it all in and at the same time, be in a business where she is really empowering other women to feel good, look great and always try to stay ahead of the next fabulous thing.”
“One of my biggest aspirations is just to be able to spend more time with my grandchildren,” she adds. “That’s truly where my heart is. I have 10 now and they all live right 
round me. We work a lot … but that’s my love, just to spend more time with my family.”